It’s that time of year again..

It’s time for me to turn a year older….

My sister told me I should blog today…I said I didn’t know what to write about so she sent this…

“happy birthday to me

happy birthday to me

happy birthday to meeeeeee

happy birthday to me!

You could tell about dinner last night and the fact that we’re going out tonight as a fam…how much you love your sister…lol….”

So I guess I should tell you how much I love my sister?!? I love her sooo much and clearly she is really good at giving me tips on what to blog about. I am so lucky:)

My hubby’s birthday was yesterday and mine is today. Usually we go out to eat with our families both nights, but since they were both on a weeknight this year, we decided to change things up. Last night, Brian and I went on a date (gasp!) and celebrated just the two of us. We went to The Little Dipper downtown and we had so much fun. We ate and we ate and then we ate some more! I felt like we ate for 2 hours straight. Actually, I think we did!  Here’s just a peek at the yum yum dessert plate… (dipped in chocolate fondue)


We tried hard to eat it all, but we failed. I’m sure the scale is going to be a bit cruel at tomorrow’s weigh in..haha.

Tonight we are headed out to Hiro’s Japanese Steakhouse. We are meeting the whole family and I can’t wait to see the look on my nephew’s face when they do the cooking in front of him..especially when they light the “onion tower” on fire…should be a good time. We rarely ever go out for “fancy” dinners, so after 2 nights in a row of this, I’m going to be lost tomorrow night when we’re eating PB&J!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes on facebook. I feel so loved:)

And I’ll be back later this week with some more sessions to share.
I had to get the dreaded taxes done this week…so I’ve been in hiding!

  • April 14, 2010 - 9:39 pm

    Diana - Oh dear, I didn’t realize you’d be posting my email!!! Good thing I kept it short and sweet :) Happy Birthday once again…(for the next two hours and 20 minutes anyway!)

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